Historical information

The date of foundation of the Investment & Industrial Corporation «ZHERSU» is deemed to be 1992 when several companies were incorporated, and the basis of their activities was trade operations: supplies of energy and industrial equipment, parts and components, fuels and lubricants. Before 2007, the Company bore the name of TSC Group Corporation (T - Technology, S - Service, C - Communication). Funds earned due to the trade-purchasing activity, were mainly contributed to the production. From the outset, the Company was successful in its operation promoted by the competent recruitment, the professional management and the confidence in the propriety of made decisions.

During several years, some various business enterprises joined TSC Group Corporation:

In 2003, Saiman Corporation LLP, an instrument-making plant. Products manufactured by the enterprise include a wide range of household and industrial energy accounting meters – electric meters including those with remote reading, protection from any unauthorized access and others. Its special business line is to develop and successfully implement јSCAPC (Automatic system for commercial accounting of power consumption). The plant is the leader in its sphere in Kazakhstan and Central Asia.

In 2003, “JV Yerka” LLP (since 2009, ZHERSU POWER LLP) – a plant producing transport acid accumulators. This is a modern enterprise equipped with high performance European equipment having a developed dealer network in Kazakhstan and outside it. The annual output of the enterprise is up to one million of accumulators.

In 2006, Alakol Plant LLP, a plant producing electric submersible pumps. At the time of the construction (early in 90s), the Plant was focused on the support of irrigation programs in the Central Asia. That line of activity was preserved and moreover, pump production for the chemical and petroleum branches was mastered. The annual output of the plant is - 4-5 ths. of pumps.









In 2008, a metal construction plant was built and put into commission using its own resources - ZHERSU METAL JSC. The plant is equipped with European automatic transfer lines. The output products are - metal towers of high voltage power transmission lines, elements of hydraulic works, metal bridges and road fences etc. Its output is 20 ths. of tons of metal structures per year.

The endeavour of the corporation management to diversify its activities, was realized in the establishment of its own agricultural sector. Since 2001, several agricultural enterprises in the Alakol District of the Almaty region (six hundred kilometers to the north of Almaty) were incorporated into the Alakol Agri-Complex of the Corporation, which have more than half hundreds of thousands of hectares of lands and significant number of cattle, sheep and horse stock. Its line of activity is dual-purpose cattle breeding and plant breeding. Since 2001, Baiserke Agro LLP has been a partner of the Corporation, a large modern enterprise for handling and storage agricultural products, which also acts as a logistic center in the suburb of Almaty.

Energy line of activity: since 2004, ““E JSC – Taldykorgan Transport Electronetwork Joint-Stock Company joined to the partnership. The coverage of TTE JSC is 125 ths. of km2 including the center and the north parts of the Almaty region. Its transmission capacity is up to 1 billion of kW/h. The fact that the Corporation has partnership with electronetwork company gives the decided advantage to the Corporation in the development of production and power generating capacities in the region. Since 1998, a group of energy building companies has been effectively operating as a partner of the Corporation, having complete power-operated column convoys, which are able to carry out installation and construction work of any difficulty level in the electric power industry, the hydraulic engineering and the industry. The group had implemented a number of regional and state energy projects – some backbone transmission lines and substations of 110, 220, 500 kW and several significant waterworks and others had been built and reconstructed.

After 15 years of the successful operation, it became obvious that the Corporation outgrew the boundaries outlined by the abbreviation «TSC» - Technology, Service, and Communication. By that time the activities and businesses had carried on by the Corporation expanded on a national basis and on December 29, 2007, TSC Group Corporation was given a new name and logo: Investment & Industrial Corporation «ZHERSU» - multiprofile union based on partnership.

 The new logo is a styled representation of the petroglyph «Suinshi» or «Messenger». There is a legend that the petroglyph represents a messenger with good news. The sign of good news is a white shawl bound around the pikestaff. «Suinshi» - good news! The golden messenger carries only good news, and he is a symbol of success and prosperity, and the embodiment of all cheerful hopes. The word «ZHERSU» is Old Turkic, which has its history of over five thousand years representing the notion «NATIVE LAND». 

For today, it is the Investment & Industrial Corporation «ZHERSU».