Corporative responsibility

Corporative responsibility of The Investment & Industrial Corporation «ZHERSU» expressed in that company’s success can only be reached in ways that are compatible in accordance with accepted ethical principles, respect for people, society and the environment in mind.

Our social programs cover a wild range of voluntarily implemented activity such: conservancy, personal’s development, favorable work environment, support of local population in regions, where our companies are, also charity and conscientious business practice. All industrial and economic decisions in companies of The Investment & Industrial Corporation «ZHERSU» Corporation are made by considering its further consequences for society.


Corporation’s companies contribute development of economic potential and formation of favorable social conditions in regions where its operate, as a major regional employers and subject of economic activity.

 Corporation’s companies are operating in strict accordance with legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the field of industrial safety, environmental, safety and protection of labour. Our companies’ activities are certified for compliance with quality management system.

Active social position of the Corporation is expressed not only in the internal focused programs, we also take an active part in public life. Annually allocates funds for charity and sponsorship of various social programs, provides an assistance to the poor and large families, war and labor veterans.