Industrial enterprises of the Corporation «ZHERSU» occupy leading positions in an instrument-making, metalworking, production of submersible pumps and acid accumulators. Products of these enterprises are in demand, both at the internal market and outside Kazakhstan.




“Corporation SAIMAN”JSC produces domestic and industrial devices of account of electric power, carries out own developments of programmatic complex ASCAEP "SANAU", produces light-emitting-diode lamps and lamps. More information about the company can be found at this corporate web-site.

“ZHERSU Metal” LLP is metal plant. This effective production, equipped byamodern automatic and semi-automatic equipment. 


Plant production: electricity pylon, steel electric substations, fences and other metal products for industrial use. The plant capacity of 12 thousand tons. More information about the company can be found at this corporate web-site.

«Alakol Plant» LLP is the only specialized company in Kazakhstan producing submersible pumps for industrial and agricultural water supply.

• Production and repair of water submersible pumps;
• Manufacture and repair of chemical pumps, oil pumping units;
• Repairs of the drive motors;
• Machining of metal, galvanized metal products;
• Production of high quality rubber products;
• Production of stop valves;
• Manufacturing of drilling equipment;
• Production of non-standard metal products.

More information about the plant is here.


“ZHERSU Power”LLP is factory for the production of starter battery and stationary batteries.

For the production of starter batteries the company uses the latest technology, "calcium-calcium".

The nomenclature of products includes all sizes of starter batteries for a automotive and tractor and agricultural technique, special accumulators for a railway transport and stationary storage batteries for energy enterprises. Design capacity of the plant is 3 million and 1 million stationary accumulators motor-car in a year. More detailed information about the company can be found here.