Support and development of national sports

«ZHERSU» Corporation is implementing large-scale programs to support and develop the national sport, aimed at creating and strengthening sports infrastructure, promotion of sports such as boxing, judo, sambo and other martial arts, help sports federations, clubs and associations, mainly children and youthful.

Founder of the corporation Baurzhan Ospanov is the honorary president of the Professional Boxing Federation of the Republic of Kazakhstan for several years and the head of the Almaty Regional Boxing Federation, created with his support in February 2009. From May 2014 B. Ospanov heads Almaty regional federation of the Greco-Roman, freestyle and female wrestling.


With the support of «ZHERSU» Corporation Almaty regional boxing federation makes long-term programs aimed at upbringing and training of the younger generation of boxers: open rooms not only in cities but also in regional centers, where local coaches identify future champions. In total, 45 boxing halls are working in districts, specialized boxing halls are opened in Usharal - 2 halls, Zharkent in Shelek township - 2 halls, Malovodnoe, Zhalanash, Sumba townships. Programs of the coaching staff support operating in addition to scholarship and other activities of the athletes support. Today Almaty regional boxing federation brings together more than five thousand different ages boxers and coaches more than ninety different skill level - from graduates of the Academy of Sport and Tourism to the honored coaches of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Today, fully equipped youth and junior teams in the region, all boxing teams of Almaty region regularly travel to training camps and tournaments, including abroad. Among the students of regional sports teams are not only the winners of national championships, also world boxing champion of 2013 Janibek Alimkhanuly, born in Zhylandy district. Gaukhar Ermekbaev - world champion among girls, Balausa Muzdyman - silver medalist of the world championship among girls.


The Regional Wrestling Federation covers more than 4.5 thousand athletes specializing in such kinds of wrestling as the Greco-Roman, freestyle and women. 162 trainers are involved in the preparation of fighters throughout the area.
In the area there are about seventy rooms, but most of them are currently not yet sufficiently equipped with the necessary sports equipment. Corporation «ZHERSU» together with the regional department of physical culture and sports in the near term planned acquisition of equipment necessary for the first 12 rooms of the Greco-Roman and freestyle wrestling 12 rooms, as well as repair of existing emergency rooms. Subsequent long-term plans for the development of the sport include the opening in each district center equipped with specialized rooms preparations strength coach martial arts, conducting of training and competition preparation for competitions, as well as the support of the most promising fighters.
Currently, on the basis of regional federations of boxing and wrestling, supported by «ZHERSU», unfolds a wide program of support and development of martial arts by strengthening the material base of the existing sections and schools, construction of specialized centers, supporting sports colleges.

Among the priority activities of the Corporation, aimed at further development and support of national sport are a regular supply of sports schools and clubs supplies and equipment, construction of new facilities for sports, financing of perspective sportsmen of the country.

With the financial support of the IIC «ZHERSU» summer of 2014, begun work on the reconstruction of buildings in secondary school in Lepsy village Alakolsky district for its transformation into a specialized sports boarding school for gifted children sports area. Sports school will accommodate 150 students in the age group of 13 years (Grade 7), which in addition to the general training curriculum will include training in such sports as boxing traditional (male and female), wrestling (male and female), the Greek Roman wrestling, judo and skiing. Set the first 50 students is scheduled for summer 2015. The selection criteria will be the performance standards for the delivery of physical training. For newcomers children will be provided the opportunity to stay in a constant free boarding school. Teachers and coaches will be formed at the expense of local cadres and specialists drawn from regions and Almaty.


By supporting professional sport, management of the Corporation «ZHERSU» attaches to sport lifestyle employees. Became traditional competition between sports teams of companies belonging to the Corporation, as part of activities to mark the annual celebration of Nauryz.

We understand that supporting sport and promoting a healthy lifestyle are necessary components of sporting traditions and creation of a healthy future for our country.