Charitable activities of IIC ZHERSU

In 2013, the founder of the corporation «Zhersu» Baurjan Ospanov was awarded by "Philanthropist of the Year" at the VII annual national award ceremony of "Altyn Zhүrek." The award "Altyn Zurek" is a public national award for his contribution to business organizations and individuals in Kazakhstan charitable programs and projects.

Charitable activities of and Baurzhan Ospanov and the Corporation includes an extensive list of activities regularly implemented in areas such as education, sports and culture.

Annually the Corporation provides sponsorship in the form of monthly stipends for the benefit academically successful students from low-income families who receive higher education in Almaty University of Power Engineering and Telecommunications. Annually candidates of 15-20 students are proposed for receiving this grant are nominated by the institution and approved by the Board of Trustees,which member is Baurzhan Ospanov.

Since 2006, IIC «ZHERSU» funds Kazakhstan International contest of children's writers "Daraboz", thereby contributing preservation and development of national culture, as well as the formation and development of the younger generation of Kazakhstan.

Corporation «ZHERSU» implementing large-scale programs to support and develop the national sport, aimed at the creation and strengthening of sports infrastructure, promotion of sports such as boxing, judo, sambo and other forms of martial arts.

Regular support appears to the sport federations, clubs and associations of the Almaty region. With the financial support of the IIC «ZHERSU» summer of 2014, begun work on the reconstruction of buildings in secondary school in Lepsy village Alakolsky district for its transformation into a specialized sports boarding school for gifted children sports area.

The Corporation regularly supports charity fund "Demeu", which is a non-profit organization and finances socially important and socially significant projects by combining funds from companies with active socially responsible position.

With Baurzhan Ospanov support, his native village Zhylandy changed its appearance. In 2002 in Zhylandy was built a mosque, which since then regularly receives from the Corporation a sponsorship for the organization of all the religious holidays and support infrastructure: heating, repair and so on.

Later, with Baurzhan Ospanov participation were renovated rural administration, the house of life; in 2010 completed the construction of a modern sports complex by a cost more than 100 million tenge.


In 2013 at the initiative and with the support of Baurzhan Ospanov had been renovated and equipped with modern facilities high school, which opened on the basis of physic-mathematical lyceum. At present the school received computers and school furniture, school library was equipped with books and e-books. For visitant students at the Lyceum arranged boarding, for that was bought and equipped the modern household appliances, furniture, and inventory. By the beginning of academic year pupils of the school were provided with school supplies and a form.

Since 1998, Baurzhan Ospanov sponsors all holidays in the village, regularly allocates money to needy and large families.

With assistance of Baurzhan Ospanov within the last decade Zhylanda turned into the prospering modern village with the developed social infrastructure: streets are completely lit, for inhabitants 3-D movie theater is open for free visit.