Competition of children's writers "Daraboz"

The Corporation makes a significant contribution to the preservation and development of the national culture of the country. The special attention is paid to questions of education and development of younger generation of Kazakhstan citizens. Since 2006, "ZHERSU" finances the International competition of children's writers "Daraboz", which is carried out by Kazakhstan Union of Writers.

Since the first competition in 2006 to the present time the number of authors who have taken part in a literary contest, approached one hundred people, while the prize fund of the allocated awards already exceeded 15 million tenge. Interest and authority of competition are increasing from year to year, as confirmation to that data and on number of the works given for participation serve. So, if initially in the first two years, the number of works produced slightly more than one hundred, then in 2010 it’s numbered about 450, within the last two years this volume aspires to seven hundred.


The contest is held on the eve of International Children's Day. Annual award competition marked 12 Kazakhstan authors:

Besides, incentive bonuses of 80 thousand tenge are provided for the four authors, if their works weren’t awarded prizes at the literary contest, it was highlighted.

Grand Prix is named after Esenkul Mamanov not casually: Mamonov family made a big contribution to development of Kazakhs education: on personal means constructed secular school in Zhetysa where prepared the whole generation of the Kazakh intellectuals.

Main goal of the competition "Daraboz" is enrichment of an inner world of younger generation, education in children of feeling of patriotism, deep knowledge of the native language, customs, traditions, and also increasing of authority of children's writers and development of the industry of children's publishing house.


Besides the awards ceremony as part of events dedicated to the contest "Daraboz", in the children's library named A.Krylova in Almaty annually are held meetings of writers, poets and young readers, where audiences are presented the books "Kausar Bulak" and "Pure Spring” published by “Bayanzhyrek” publishing house on the basis of the works recognized by the best and become prize-winners of competition. Circulation of books grows from year to year, this year it amounted to 3.5 thousand copies. Issued books are freely available to all libraries and schools of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Books are intended for students and teachers, educators and parents, as well as for a wide range of readers.

Requirements to the works allowed for participation in competition include such criteria as focus on reader's audience from 1 to 8 Grade, genres – works of prose, the poem, the play; restrictions on the volume of pages from 5 to 25 pages depending on the chosen genre.


The winners of the completed stages of the competition:


Period Grand prix I place II place III place

the encouraged participants

 2013 Serik Baikhonov

 Kanat Abilkaiyr, Auyt Mukibek

 Seken Imanasov, Arasanbai Yestenov

Mariyam Kokkozova, Sabit Duisenbiyev, Zhandos Smaiylov

Kadyrbek Kunypiyauly, Abubalir Kairat, Yertai Ashykbayev, Serikbol Hasan

 2012  Seken Imanasov   Yertay Ashykbayev, Beibit Sarybai Kultoleu Mukash, Yeldos Toktarbayev

Yertai Aigaliuly, Zhanabek Shagatai,Yernur Seidahmet

Madina Omarova, Mira Sembaikyzy, Bayan Bolathanova, Meiirzhan Zhylkybay

 2011  Zhemisbek Dulatbekuly Beibit Sarybai, Kosemali Sattibaiuly Seken Imanasov, Yertai Ashykbayev   Raihan Mazhenkyzy, Yesei Zhenisuly Altynai Amangeldy, Nurlybek Mamaseitov, Auyt Mukibek, Nurgali Oraz
 2010  Kastek Bayanbai  Aubakir Kairat, Bayan Bolatkhanova Zhakypzhan Nurgazhayev, Yertai Ashykbayev  Turdakan Zheksenbai,Dildar Iayrbayeva, Nurgali Orazdar Alibek Baibol, Alibek Faizollauly, Kanat Kaiym, Gulzhan Abiirova
 2008  Koken Kamzin  Arasanbai Yestenov, Kosemali Sattibaiuly Yesken Yelubayev, Darkhan Beisenbekuly Bekmurat Botakanuly, Tanymbai Nurmagambetov, Tandai Keneev Karzhaubai Omaruly, Akylbek Shayahmetov, Taupyk Rymzhanov,Alseit Akpanbetuly



Owing to the competition support gained development of works of such young children's writers as Darkhan Beysenbek, Askhat Omirbayev, Gulzhan Abirova, Alibek Baybol, Beybit Sarybay, Altynay Amangeldi, Eldos Toktarbay, Ernur Seydakhmet, Meyrzhan Zhylkybay, Mira Ibrayev and others.