Modernization of the equipment

Consistent investment in the modernization of material-technical base of production companies of the group positively affects quality and quantitative indices of the made production.
Thus, the phased modernization of the plant «Zhersu Power» allows to increase systematically output of accumulators (the current design capacity of 3 million automotive and 1 million stationary batteries per year), also to develop new technologies due to that production has become an environmentally clean and safe, and products competitive in domestic and European markets.

The company «Zhersu Metal» is equipped with modern and in some cases unique to Kazakhstan practice of high-performance automated lines and equipment with computerized control system (CNC) from leading manufacturers. Such a level of technical equipment allows us to solve all complex production tasks; from design up to direct the manufacture of high-quality finished products.



Modernization of the production block of "Corporation Saiman"
In the period from 2012 to 2014 on the industrial base of "Corporation Saiman" were upgraded all production units of the company. Its purpose was to provide the necessary foundation for future economic growth and quality of production. Strategy of development of the company during this period was mainly focused on development of existing productive assets and investing in equipment to increase production capacity of electric meters.

The first stage of the modernization has been focused on improving of the existing process, namely, to equalize the productivity and loading of the equipment in various sectors of technological process. At this stage the equipment was purchased more than 23 million tenge:

During the second phase of the modernization of production in 2014 were purchased:

The successful development of new metering equipment and electronic devices for different purposes requires monitoring and measurement of many parameters: metrological, mechanical, dynamic, electric, therefore, earlier in 2011 the plant was purchased equipment for testing products for compliance with requirements for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC).

Previously test for EMC for preparation state certification tests had to be performed in Russia (Moscow, Novosibirsk). Acquisition of the specialized test equipment for EMC in Russia Petrozavodsk “PRORYV” LLP, allowed to conduct development of new devices of GOST P 52320-2005 conforming to requirements, GOST P 52322-2005, GOST P 52425-2005 is high-quality and in shorter terms on the basis of the production.