Investment projects

In March 2012 was singed the memorandum between IIC “ZHERSU” and the Korean Southeast Energy Company "KOSEP", Corporation of nuclear equipment of Korea "KONES". The content of the memorandum is a project of construction of Kyzylbulak hydroelectric power station with a rated capacity of 53 MW and an annual average long-term power generation of 237 GWh in Almaty region on the river Koksy. The planned date of commissioning of Kyzylbulak HEPP into operation is 2017. In the working is a project of hydroelectric power station Kyzylkungey.

An important project directed at improving the reliability of power supply of the southern regions of the country, is an investment program "Modernization of electrical networks", implemented by "TATEK" JSC. Within the program had been accomplished renovation of the outdated equipment, introduction of AMR, repair substations and transmission lines. In 2010-2012 “TATEK” JSC already invested more than 1 million tenge in modernization of electric networks of Almaty region within the "Modernization of Regional Electric Networks" program.


Another major innovative project worth more than $ 2 billion tenge was started in 2013 on the basis of breeding complex for 10 thous. heads "Arkharly-Maybuyrek" in Almaty region within the Republican program "Sybaga". The project was initiated by "KazAgroFinance", an Australian company Livestock Shipping Services and LLP "Arkharly-Maybuyrek". Contribution of LLP "Arkharly-Maybuyrek" - 25% of the total. Payback of the project is no more than 5-6 years. The project includes the purchase of breeding stock, supply of equipment and tractors.

A large consignment of breeding stock (out of a total planned for delivery in 3200 the number of heads) arrived in the autumn of 2013 from Australia - heifers' breed "Hereford" and "Angus" in the age of 8-12 months. They are to make up the tribal core of the farm. In 2014 the complex also took 130 breeding sires.

The livestock complex in mountain area Shilikty was prepared to receive cattle. It included storage facilities for animal feed and technology, a power line length of 33 km and power substation were constructed, a bridge was built across the river Shilikty, pasture area of 30 thousand Ha was fenced off, water supply from their own wells was constructed, in addition a comfortable hostel for 30 people to staff (veterinarians, herdsmen, machine) was built.