A new substation SS 110/10-10 kV УMamyrФ was opened in Almaty

Opening of new substation SS 110/10-10 kV “Mamyr” constructed together with Kerneu Limited LLP and AZHK JSC was conducted on August 9, 2013 in Almaty with the participation of akim of Almaty AkhmetzhanEssimov.

The representative of akimat of Almaty, Samruk-Energo JSC, AZHK JSC as well as the management of Investment and Industrial Corporation ZHERSU LLP and Kerneu Limited LLP took part in the event dedicated to the opening.

During the opening of station akim of Almaty AkhmetzhanEssimov told about the development of electric power industry of metropolitan city. In particular, the mayor noted that “only during the last five years 29 new substations were built. Of course, such scopes of works never existed. This substantially improved the provision of our city with power. At the same time during these years the reconstruction of power networks has been conducted that also ensures the reliability of power supply for the city.”


Concerning SS 110/10-10 kV “Mamyr” the task of this electric power facility is in the provision with electric power of southwestern part of city with prospect of its development for next 20-25 years. Transformer capacity of substation “Mamyr” is 126 MVA. “This substation will provide the power for southwestern part of city: residential buildings, production premises, as well as construction of 2 stage of underground”, - as AkhmetzhanEssimov informed during his speaking on the opening.


Duration of substation construction was less than one year – from September 2012 to July 2013. Restrained urban conditions which did not allow for constructing the open substation determined the necessity to build SS 110/10-10 kV “Mamyr” as the closed substation.


Kerneu Limited in the project for construction of SS 110/10-10 kV “Mamyr” acted as the general contractor of construction and installation works.


The peculiarity of substation “Mamyr” became the use of equipment which allowed for 40% reduction of total scope of substation building compared to the similar substations with usage of standard equipment 110 kV. In future this will result in the reduction of expenses for the operation of building and expected annual power savings will exceed 400 thous. kW/h. Equipment used during the substation construction is manufactured by the leading companies – manufacturers of electrical equipment, such as: Alstom, Alageum Group, KTZ, ABB, etc.