An investment program "Modernization of electrical networks"is being realized in Almaty region

It was reported about the implementation of the investment program "Modernization of electrical networks" approved until 2015 in Almaty region.

Representatives of local media visited the industrial and office buildings of "TATEK" accompanied by power engineers and workers antimonopolists. According to the organizers of the tour, corporate investment strategy being embodied today allows to reconstruct and modernize the electrical equipment, expand and update the material and technical base of "TATEK."

Along with the replacement of obsolete and worn-out equipment power engineers are actively implementing technology of Automated measuring system of commercial accounting developed by a leading domestic corporation "Saiman." This has a positive effect on the quality of services provided, mitigates excessive losses.

"In 2010, the rate of wear and tear of electric equipment was about 75%. To date, the rate has decreased significantly due to the taken measures. Technical parameters have become more consistent with the actual load, which leads to a decrease in the number of outages "- the organizers of the tour told.

Specialists of "TATEK" are doing a great job for the replacement of wooden poles with reinforced concrete, exposed wires on self-supporting isolated. Widely electronic meters for electricity were installed instead of induction ones. Transformer substations are being repaired, more reliable and modern lines made from the threaded polyethylene are being laid to replace the old cable and wire lines are.

"The implementation of the investment program of" TATEK" will allow in the near future to reduce operating costs, improve reliability and continuity of supply. These are real steps toward energy independence by saving electricity", - the organizers of the tour concluded.